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Delivering proficiency and on-time plans

Clinical and pharmaceutical industries are becoming increasingly data-oriented.
Collecting, processing, integrating data and the ability to transform data buckets into triggers for success are becoming critical challenges in regulatory affairs. But that is not all.
The mix between these industries and IT proficiency highlight two major challenges. These involve finding the right kind of specialized expert and avoiding the time-consuming traps IT can involve related to team recruitment and management.

Our exclusive organization

Swift, secure and collaborative management

We focus on identifying and recruiting the most suitable experts for clients’ projects, based on our powerful HR team and methods which enable us to offer them relevant profiles, sometimes within a few hours.
Whether our mission is organized on a platform or otherwise, our operational teams work closely with our team managers, allowing us to keep on schedule without any delay in the projects we lead. Our exclusive organization based on our teams’ human value is also the best way of guaranteeing our missions’ superlative quality. Our enthusiastic, reliable and creative teams really do commit themselves to our clients’ long term success, operating with unparalleled flexibility and team spirit in partnership with our clients’ teams.

Our Success Stories

Save time, gain expertise

Thanks to its extensive network of KOLs and partners on the major continents, Excelya was able to find an extremely rare expert profile for a major pharmaceutical laboratory in just a few days. The client had struggled to find the right level of expertise for many months, resulting in the project concerned falling significantly behind their schedule. Available immediately, the new recruit was able to make up some of the time lost.

We were very impressed by the effectiveness of the EXCELYA process because we were able meet the candidate the day after having received the profile.